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Avoiding Vice Once and For All

by on Jun.23, 2014, under Avoiding Vice Once and For All

Vegas night life has a lot to offer. Whether you’re married or single and on the prowl, there are a lot of adult entertainment options. However, many people who come to Sin City don’t realize that some of the things they plan to do could get them in big trouble, especially with Vice. This is one case where not everything that happens in Vegas stays there, because an arrest record could haunt you forever. Here are some tips for avoiding Vice once and for all, helping make your time in Las Vegas more enjoyable and far less stressful.


Streetwalkers are a common sight off Fremont Street downtown, off The Strip, and down Boulder Highway. The problem is that in Clark County, prostitution is illegal, especially when it is solicited or obtained in a public place. Of course, many streetwalkers live a lifestyle that leaves them, and you, more susceptible to drugs, sexually transmitted infections, or STIs, and arrest. In Nevada at large, however, prostitution is legal when it occurs in one of the licensed brothels. This makes sexual tourism one of the state’s greatest draws, after gambling, of course. Where many tourists run afoul of the law is not realizing that prostitution in Clark and Washoe counties is still illegal.

Many of the brothels in the Amargosa Valley northwest of Las Vegas have free shuttles to encourage guests to come to their establishments. This free service helps cut down on the expense of travel for patrons, encouraging them to spend more money for their dream encounter without fear of running afoul of the police. The brothels offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Security and Privacy: No one needs to know you were there except you.
  • Discretion: The girls in the brothels are paid to please you, not to tell stories about you.
  • Safety: All brothel workers are required by law to use condoms and check for visible evidence of STIs before every assignation, reducing the risk of disease.

For this reason, the brothels may be the most desirable alternative for the sexually adventurous tourist. The prices at the brothels vary depending on where you go, how long you stay and what you want to do, ranging from $100-200 and up. While this may not seem very cost-effective, when one considers the potential legal and medical costs of wrangling with a streetwalker, it becomes clear that a couple of bills is actually a bargain for an hour or a night of pleasurable company. But are there other options?

Opening the Las Vegas phone book gives one access to a large variety of escort services, which many tourists prefer to the added time and occasionally expense of going outside county lines to get their desires met. Las Vegas escorts operate much more discreetly than streetwalkers, which makes it a lot harder for Vice to follow them. Also, escorts have a much lower incidence of STIs and drug use, which makes them much safer for your pleasure.

Most escort services charge rates comparable to those of the brothels, and many add an “agency fee,” or a surcharge for arranging your meeting. The problem is that it is difficult for a customer to be sure the lovely young woman who just arrived is actually an escort and not an undercover Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Vice officer. In many cases, independent, or non-agency-affiliated, escorts, will require references before they will agree to an encounter at all. While this reduces numerous risks for both parties, it could prove more of an irritation than the services rendered are worth and still breaks the law.

Clearly there are a lot of options for the tourist who has more in mind than just gambling, but why risk bringing home a misdemeanor or a medical condition that can’t be cured with a couple of aspirin and a day’s bed rest? Nevada’s brothels are generally open 24 hours and perfectly willing to cater to tourists from Sin City. Their websites usually show who’s working, so you can choose your courtesan before you ever leave. This is the best, safest, and most enjoyable way to avoid Vice once and for all when you’re visiting Las Vegas.

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What turns men on the most?

by on Mar.27, 2014, under What Turns Men On

All men are turned on by different things unique to their personal preference. However, there are a few things that turn on every single man that has a beating pulse. Dressing sexy, exuding confidence, and sexual aggression is what truly turns men on the most.

The reason that men are excited by strippers in Las Vegas is the way that they dress to attract attention. Full nudity does not leave much to the imagination, but a lot of guys get their blood pumping looking at a woman in sexy lingerie or a skimpy dress. Take on a less is more attitude to be successful at coming across as sexy.

A woman that carries herself with the confidence that she looks better than anyone else in any room comes across as a major turn-on. A lot of attractive girls make the mistake of dwelling on minor imperfections and pointing them out. No normal guy cares about a small chest or big nose on an attractive lady that has everything else going for her. The most popular dancers in the strip club are the ones that take care of their appearance, show attention to the customers, and do not whine about personal problems or insecurities.

Every guy dreams of a girl that knows what she wants and stops at nothing to get it. There may be a packed room full of people into the most popular Las Vegas strip club, but picking one guy out to take home for the night makes him feel like he is on top of the world. It is nice to take a break from pursuing a sexy woman to actually being chased after by a woman that wants to get straight into bed.

Coming across as a sexy, secure lady is what turns men on the most. Every guy has small things that they prefer, such as nice feet or long hair, but confidence comes out on top of any physical trait.

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How I Made my First Million

by on Jan.07, 2014, under Make Money Today


If you are looking to make some serious money and have a profession that will provide you with tons of entertaining and wild times, opening a strip club is an incredibly lucrative option. It’s understandable that some people may not automatically think of opening a strip club as a business, due to personal or moral obligations. However, for those that are not offended by the matter, this is a market that is always going to be desired and always going to mean some serious money. If you’re looking to make some money in the strip club industry, here is how to do it. Location, Location, Location When it comes to the strip club industry, as with any other type of business, it’s all about location and where you want to put your facility. The good news is that there are strip clubs all around the world, all in varying locations. For some, opening a strip club in a small town might be a good idea, especially if it’s the only type of entertainment to be found. However, for most, the best idea is to open up a strip club in a huge city like Las Vegas, Miami or New York. Sure, the rent is going to be a little bit more, but the amount of traffic that you’ll see from travelers will more than make up for it, meaning that you are getting a much better return on investment. Furthermore, opening up a strip club in a huge city means that you’ll get tons of girls who are looking to escape the small town lifestyle. And when they get to their new place and can’t find work, the strip club industry will happily welcome them in. Girls, Girls, Girls Speaking of those girls, the value that they have on your club should not go understated. After all, that is what people come to see, so you want to ensure that your club is known for prime talent that will keep patrons coming back for more. There are a few rules that you’ll want your girls to keep in mind, in order to keep everyone safe. They must understand that there should be no dating of regular customers and any current boyfriends shouldn’t come to the club if they can’t handle themselves. Also, it’s the owners responsibility to make sure that the girls aren’t caught up in the lifestyle of being a wreck outside of the club. If they are, you can bet that they’ll bring that drama in with them when they come to work. Instead, look for girls that have their stuff together, but also have bodies that the customers won’t soon forget. The more of those you can get, the better off your club will be. Get The Bottles Flowin’ Strip clubs are nothing without alcohol flowing and people getting their drink on. But while a small town strip club may only offer beer and a few other select options, strip clubs in the city need to have everything that a customer could ever want. From top shelf vodkas, to 30-year whiskeys, and everything in between. The more alcohol selections you have, the looser the patrons wallets will get and the more fun everyone will have. Keep It Legit Building up a strip club as a legit business can be hard at times. You won’t always get the most reliable customers, and it’s a slippery slope once you start dealing in stuff you shouldn’t be. However, if you run your club right, you’ll make plenty of money to keep you satisfied and keep you in business. However, dealing with the wrong crowd can quickly turn that all upside down. Do yourself a favor and put all of your effort into the club itself and keep it legit, and you’ll notice that you already have enough on your hands as it is. Owning a strip club is a great way to make a ton of cold hard cash. But there are some rules you have to play by and things you have to consider. Keep this tips and tricks in mind and you can start raking it in at your own strip club.

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